Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Learning About Birds is Child's Play

My granddaughter, now two years old, and I have always enjoyed birdwatching together.  She and I  sit in my swivel rocker in front of my living room window and "watch the birdies" at the feeders.  She could spot them from a very young age.  During her last visit, about two weeks ago, we again shared the same nature activity.

This time, knowing that she was learning her colors, I decided to use the book, Bird Calls by innovative Kids.
It has color coded pull out tabs that correspond to the color coded audio that can be played by a push of a button.  What was amazing to me was the rapidity with which she learned the bird calls.  Colors--we're still working on that.  But by the end of a mere 3 or 4 days, she could recognize 4 of the 8 birds by song and sight!!  She learned the call of the Barred Owl (that ends in Who--all).  When reading another book and seeing an owl, she says, "Who-wah. Owl say that".  She also says "Titmouse..Peter, Peter, Peter." Precious and precocious.

It is a passion of mine to share nature with children, and this grandma can't help but brag.  It is a special experience we have shared, and I will always cherish.  Like it or not, I think we have a budding birdwatcher.  But I think she will rather like it!