Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Which is Your Favorite Season?

I have been away from this blog and my home for the last couple of weeks exploring our national parks in Utah.  (more about that on a later blog post)

When I returned, I was amazed to see the change in our woods.  Fall is here!!

This photo is from our trip; it seems that fall is everywhere.  This got me thinking about the changing seasons and which season I preferred.

Fall has always been a favorite of mine.  It was always a time of change in my life--the school year started-- and big changes to observe in nature.  The fall color transforms the natural world into a sensory treat. Although many painters try to capture the fall colors, nature's palette is so superior.  Photos can't capture the beauty either, so it is best to stop and enjoy the view.

Winter has always been a hated time of year for me due to the cold and dark days that come with this season.  Add in a snow storm, and I hunker down inside. However, last winter I found joy in following animal tracks after a new fallen snow or in hearing the owls hooting.  Even the trees that were once adorned with colorful leaves seem beautiful as their branches are now exposed. Now that I can avoid the hassle of "getting to work" on icy streets, I know I will gain a new appreciation of this season.

Spring has never been on my radar.  This is probably because it is such a busy time of year.  The season's beauty has escaped me in the past, but this year I hope to focus on those early harbingers of spring....migratory birds.  Last year I watched as geese flew north; this year I hope to focus on those that come from the south to spend summer here in the Midwest. The spring woodland wildflowers are also a welcome site of spring.  When the Dutchman's Breeches, Mayapples, Spring Beauties, and others appear on the forest floor, I know nature is waking up....I just need to pay attention to it.

Finally, there is summer. Although I love the warmth of the sunshine and the long daylight hours, it has never been my favorite season.  I'm not sure why.

  Last summer I rediscovered   the joys of gardening and hope to expand this year, planting enough for me and the turtles!

Watching the bats flying erratically overhead and listening to the croaking of the frogs provide great summer entertainment. I can't wait for the "reruns" this summer.

Bottom line: I think there are things to enjoy about all of the seasons.  This year, as I begin a new season in my life--retirement--, I hope to embrace them all more fully.

What will you find to enjoy as the seasons change?