Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer Transformation

I have to say, I have not blogged recently for a couple of reasons.  One is due to connectivity problems, but mainly it is because of the time spent taking care of my granddaughter while she was  here for an extended period of time this summer..

She turned four while here, and I am amazed at how much she has grown and learned since I last blogged about her.  My blog about the “bumpy trees” when she was not yet three can be found here.  I remember she was almost afraid to touch trees when she was about 2 ½.  She was tentative about most things in first. 

So our summer routine involved daily walks in the woods  on one of our three trails.  This was nearly one mile in length and excellent exercise for her and the two dogs that would end up following her along the way.  We camped, kayaked, biked, gardened, explored, watched birds and other wildlife, and much more.  Many hours were spent in outdoor pursuits. And the results were amazing.

By the end of the summer, she was romping through the trails, confident and competent.  How did all of this happen?  I will spend the next few blogs describing our activities and what I learned from her along the way.

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